Christa Glennie has recently returned to Buffalo and is eager to utilize all she’s learned while away. Recruited and relocated to Boston by one of the largest privately-held retail development firms in the country, Christa worked as the property director of a 675,000 square-foot mixed-use development in one of the country’s hottest markets. The project she oversaw is home to almost 70 tenants including national retailers, restaurants, office space, a large supermarket, movie theatre, upscale bowling alley, and more.

Though this adventure was one for the books, Christa has spent most of her professional life in Buffalo working as an editor and a writer, an event producer, consultant, and organizer. Her diverse background provides her with unique perspective and understanding, but innovation, trendspotting, resourcefulness, problem-solving, connecting people, future-thinking leadership, and placemaking are the bedrock of her career.

A Seattle native who moved to Buffalo in her 20s, Christa spent ten years as an editor at two Buffalo publications, but may be best known for the creation of Nickel City Chef and her prognostic advocacy of WNY’s farms, farmers markets, and the use of local ingredients in restaurants.